About Us

Most of the people in Malaysia prefer spicy & sour delicacy. The Thai Cuisine are similar to Malaysian foods to enjoy a traditional Thai meal, you can rest assure be satisfied at AHROY THAI RESTAURANT.

AHROY have been in the business since 2006. The lady boss is Winnie Tan a warm and courteous entrepreneur, Winnie explains that she is madly in love of Thai food, this insatiable appetite urge encourage her to explore various types of Thai food, to the extent that she once voluntarily worked in a Thai 5-star restaurant for two (2) years.

Upon gaining sufficient experience to handle Thai foods and operate the restaurant. Winnie decides to open a restaurant to satisfy own desire and recommend wonderful Thai delicacy to friends and associates.

In the past, Winnie use to organise trips to Thailand just to taste the various good foods in Thailand. Her loving husband therefore persuaded her to start a restaurant specialise in Thai foods. With the help of famous chef Uthai Chantratong, the restaurant was started 4 years ago.

Thailand and Malaysia are endorsed with abundant of seafood, green and fresh fruit, that's why Thai foods are specialise in these components. To maintenance the traditional & original taste, most of the ingredients are imported from Thailand. However, Winnie still able to offer high quality food with reasonable pricing. Winnie always says we provide Rolls-Royce food but only charge Volkswagen price.

Winnie is also a selling point of the restaurant you will feel at home when you dine at her restaurant, like you sister taking care of your hungry stomach.